We believe that story is
the driving force that moves civilization forward

Wahana Kreator Nusantara is a research and development based company that produces high-quality creators and contents. We start as the first story development & screenwriting team in Indonesia that utilize research as well as a systematic, integrated development method. We then move beyond scriptwriting; we educate, we produce our content, and we develop our original IP.

We always committed to encouraging ourselves to develop the working process and storytelling standards so that we can continually create better for Indonesia and the global content industry.

Our business units are Wahana Penulis, Wahana Dimensi, Wahana Edukasi, Semesta Anak (Children Universe), and WK-KINI.



Developing story and working in the writers' room is our company's heart and soul. We may imagine things freely, but then we discipline ourselves in the process to get the best idea, story, characters, and scripts.

Our writers' room works to develop our original IP's and stories for a wide range of target audiences and medium. We also love to work with other collaborators -- the ones that, like us, strive to push the quality forward.






















To always make relevant stories, creators must love to learn, unlearn, and to relearn. The best way to do that is through teaching and committed helping new creative talents.

We started this with a workshop focusing on Indonesian content creator regeneration. We have weekly classes, focusing on story and scriptwriting, also tailor-based storytelling/creative seminars for various companies.

Now we also conduct SCARA; an annual national scale scriptwriting incubation with BEKRAF/The Indonesian Creative Economy Agency. To find for new scriptwriters who are focusing on children movies.



In our producing unit, we nurture the ideas and the process with the skilled and professional production team to produce various contents.

We start with movies, series, books, but we love to experiment with the new mediums. We love to explore new storytelling technique to test the audience response. We believe, storytelling is a celebration in exploring the many possibilities in life.













Storytellers serve to the past, present, and the future of the world. This is why we founded Semesta Anak, literally: Children's Universe, a home for those who believe that children's present education is also their future. We build a story based ecosystem with the basis that stories can be a means to help every children's family education.



We love great merchandises because we love the stories and the process behind it. We love to collect them. Yet, we also love to design and produce them too. WK KINI is our joint operating company with the printing company: KINI, to produces printing based products from books to various merchandising items. We believe that love builds from the small details.


Skenario Cerita Anak Nusantara (SCARA) adalah program kolaborasi antara Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) dengan Wahana Kreator Nusantara yang bertujuan untuk percepatan regenerasi penulis-penulis skenario cerita anak Indonesia. Bekerjasama dengan Keluarga Kita, program SCARA memiliki komitmen untuk memberikan kurikulum pengajaran yang komprehensif dan memiliki keberpihakan kepada anak.