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Wahana Dimensi is a work unit that turns an idea and a story into a reality. At Wahana Dimensi, we can create, record, mix, amplify many forms of media into results that are ready to be consumed by the public. As a Post Production Studio, we attach great importance to our quality and punctuality

Our experience working in series and feature film productions equips us to think analytically, solution-based thinking, and also communication skills between stakeholders which are important in the world of post production.

We focus in demand of good quality music and audio editing in Commercials, Film and Series . Our Product have a wide range of Music Scores, Sound Design, Mixing, and Audio Drama.

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Wahana Dimensi Services


Music Production Services

Music Composing

Our music team excels at making a catchy melody and memorable rhythms for wide range of audiences.


The goal is to achieve a great balance, clarity, separation and space for the music, making it sounds great.

Music Mastering

We made sure to balance out all the sonic elements of the music. Also it is important to optimize playback across all systems and media formats.


With music, we tends to go for the emotional heart of the story whilst also forming an idea and a theme for the film. We believe music scores enhance the storytelling of a movie.

Audio Drama Scoring

From making theme music or music beds for audio drama, our team have a handful of experience scoring the “non-visual” media for the listeners to consume.


Audio Production Services


With our expertise in sound design and audio post production, Our team can boost the vibrancy of your film, animation, commercial and theatrical production, enhancing the movement and listening experience for your viewers.

Stereo & 5.1 Nearfield Audio Mixing

We made sure all the balance of each elements of sound to fit the scene. It is crucial to us for making sure the audience have a seamless experience.

Foley Recording, Editing & Mixing

Our target is to make the product alive and believable to the ear of the audience with these foley and effects. Mixing those two are also an important part that we attend detail on.

ADR Record, Edit & Mix

It is important for us to make ADR feels natural and believable for the audience. We can make the vocal fit into the room as needed for the scene.

Audio Editing

Including Dialogue, Voice Over, Location Sound, and OMF / AAF file cleanup in preparation for Final Mix

Audio Restoration

Vastly improve the clarity and quality of your Audio.

Sound Supervision & Consultancy

Administration of all aspects of Audio Post Production, from conception to completion.

Sonic Branding

Audio Design for Identities / Company Logos / Websites


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